Barbershop Etiquette: A Guide for Men

12 September 2019
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Head to the barbershop, sit down, and get your haircut — how hard could that be? Truly, getting a haircut is not difficult. However, it will be a more enjoyable process with better results if you remember to follow a few etiquette rules during your appointment. Here are a few tips for the guys if it's been a while since you've paid for a haircut.

Be on time.

Barbers are paid by the service, not by the hour, so they tend to only be getting paid for the time they spend cutting hair. If they have to wait around for clients and are therefore not able to squeeze as many haircuts in, they are not earning as much. For this reason, it's important that you are on time for your appointment and that you don't keep the barber waiting. When you are on time, your barber will have more time to spend with you, so you might like the results better, too.

Bring ideas.

It's totally okay to ask your barber for input regarding your haircut. But what you don't want to do is sit down with no idea what you want or like. Spend some time looking at photos before your appointment, and show your barber a few photos you like. They can certainly personalize the cut for you or make a few changes, but they like to have a starting point so they know you'll be happy with the results.

Stay off your phone.

It's tempting to use your phone to entertain yourself while your hair is being cut. But looking down at your phone puts your head in a strange position, which can make it hard for your barber to cut your hair well. Set your phone down and engage in conversation during your service instead.

Speak up if it's not right.

If you do not like something about a cut and how it is progressing, speak up sooner rather than later. It's not considered rude — your barber wants and needs the feedback and probably wishes more clients would express their opinions. If you say something early, your barber can probably change it. If you wait until the cut is over to complain, it might be too late.

If you follow the etiquette rules above, your barber will have an easier time working with you. Enjoy your trip to the local barbershop, and enjoy your new haircut.