5 Signs You Need A Haircut

22 January 2018
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Whether you hair is long or short, it's important to get a hair cut on frequent basis. Regular trims are one of the best ways to keep your tresses healthy. But how do you know how often to get it cut? Here are five ways you can tell:

Your Hair Doesn't Have Any Shape

After your last haircut, your locks probably felt bouncy and full of life. If your hair looks pretty flat now, it is probably time to head to the salon. Even trimming your hair half an inch can give it some body and life.

Your Hair Gets Tangled Easily

Does your hair get tangled automatically after you get out of the shower or roll out of bed? If so, a haircut might be in order. When your hair gets tangled, you will have to tug it more with your brush, which can result in breakage.

You Have More Bad Hair Days Than Good Ones

It is normal to have bad hair day once in a while. However, if you notice that you are having way more bad hair days than good ones, your hair could probably use a good trim. Having bad hair days all the time can really affect your self-esteem. 

You Spend A lot of Time Styling Your Hair

Do you notice that you have to put extra products in your hair and spend more time straightening it? Spending so much time on your hair in the morning can really be a pain and even make you late to work. If you just get a haircut, you will not have to spend nearly as much time getting your tresses to look nice.

You Have Split Ends

Split ends are one of the most obvious signs that a haircut is needed. If the ends of your hair are thin and see through, you have split ends. If you do not get a haircut soon, the split can travel up to the shaft of the hair, causing even more damage. Your stylist can trim off these split ends, helping your hair look healthier and stronger.

It is recommended to get a haircut every six to eight weeks. However, if finances or a busy schedule are getting in the way of, there are some ways you can prolong a haircut. Try to use a deep conditioner at least once a week and limit heat styling as much as possible.