A Few Things You Need To Know Before Getting A Full Weave

28 September 2017
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Whether you have decided to get a full weave for a special occasion, are hoping to lengthen your hair, or want a fuller look, there are a few things you should know before heading to the salon.

The Hair

If your hair is not black or dark brown, it may take a bit of looking to match your own color. It might be easier to pick out your extensions and then have your hair dyed to match it. Of course, you could also get the extensions in a slightly different color to create highlights. In addition, you will need to choose between synthetic or real extensions. Synthetic fibers may cause irritations to your head and can damage your natural hair, but are available in more colors.

Your Head

After having the weave done, you may experience some pain or tenderness. This is to be expected. However, if it continues, or if you experience frequent headaches, you may need to have the weave redone or taken out. The braid used to secure the extensions needs to be tight enough to hold them, but loose enough to not cause pain.

After Care

You will need to brush and wash your hair a bit differently when you have extensions. You do not want to pull a brush quickly through your hair, from the top down, or it can get caught in the braid. Start at the bottom and work your way up to the brad. This will need to be done in sections to ensure you brush your whole head. When washing, you will need to be a bit more gentle too. Do not scrub your scalp roughly. Carefully wash sections of the hair and then the scalp separately.

Hair Products

Do not use anything oily on your hair or the extensions could slip out. Any shampoos or conditioners should be sulfate-free and not be "heavy." Everything should be easily rinsed out of your hair with no residue to weigh it down. Finally, go easy with the blow dryer and curling appliances to keep from tangling you hair or having to pull on it.

A full weave can last six months if properly cared for. However, even if it still looks great, you should give your natural hair a break at this point. If left in too long, a full weave can damage your hair, and then it won't be strong enough to hold the extensions if you decide to have it done again.