5 Steps For Properly Washing Your Synthetic Wig

26 May 2017
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Wigs can be quite expensive, even synthetic wigs. For this reason, they should be washed properly. This is going to ensure that your wig lasts much longer, which is important, especially if you use your wig daily. Here are five steps to properly wash your synthetic wig:

  1. Brush it Out: The first thing you are going to want to do is hold the wig out with your hand inside and brush out the knots and any hairspray you used. Remember that the hairspray you use should be specially made for your synthetic wig, not regular hairspray. Doing this is going to make the hair much easier to wash, since you won't have to worry about untangling knots while washing it. 
  2. Place in Cold Water: The next thing you want to do is place the wig in cold water completely, not hot, since hot water can damage the wig. At this point, the entire wig should be wet. 
  3. Wash With Shampoo and Conditioner: Next, you should use synthetic wig shampoo and conditioner. First, you will want to wash the wig with the shampoo and run clean, cold water over the wig to rinse it out. Be sure that you are working the shampoo into the wig with your fingers before rinsing it out to ensure that you are removing oils and dirt in the wig. From here, you want to use the conditioner the same way you use the shampoo to get the conditioner over every strand and make the wig appear soft and natural once it dries. 
  4. Hang the Wig in the Shower: Once you have rinsed out the conditioner, you will want to hang the wig in the shower to let it air-dry. You should use a shower hook specifically created for wig holding, such as one from a company like Wigmate. This way, the shape of the wig is not compromised while it is drying. 
  5. Put on Wig Holder: Once the wig is dry, if you are not going to be wearing it, you should put it on a wig holder, which retains the shape of the wig. This way, when you are ready to wear it, it fits your head perfectly and you get the full benefits of a nicely-washed wig. 

When you follow these five steps for proper synthetic wig washing, you can be sure that you don't compromise the lifespan of the wig itself. This is going to save you money and keep you satisfied with the appearance and confidence the wig brings you.