Need A Skin Booster? Try These 3 H20 Recipes That'll Make You Crave Your Daily Ounces

29 June 2015
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You're already doing a lot to keep your skin glowing, like following a thorough skin care regimen, using SPF every single day (even when it rains), and of course you never pick at pimples, no matter how tempting. But, are you doing everything you need to do? Great skin starts from within. That means what you eat, and especially what you drink, plays a huge part in your ability to go without makeup when you're running late for work. Do yourself a favor and drink at least eight glasses of water per day. Yes, that can be hard, so here are some recipes that will make this chore less of a bore.

Strawberry & Kiwi Supreme

Strawberry kiwi is one of those flavor combinations that makes you think of childhood. Get your fix of nostalgia while doing something good for your complexion! Cut one or two kiwis into thin slices, and do the same to six to eight strawberries. Add them to a pitcher, cover with ice and fill it with filtered water. Not only will you get a yummy treat all day long, you're adding powerful antioxidants and vitamins to your diet – all good for your skin!

Minty Melon Dreams

No matter the time of year, you're probably dreaming of summer. This treat will take you right to the beach, even if it's snowing outside. Take one bunch of mint and muddle it before adding it to your pitcher. Next, take two cups of cubed watermelon and stab each piece with a fork a few times (to let the juices flow), and add it to your concoction. Add ice and filtered water, and then let the mixture stew for a few minutes before pouring a glass and sticking a straw into your tropical drink.

Cool as a Cucumber

Maybe you like water, but you just want to add a tiny bit of sweetness to it. Something that will make it a little more interesting, without too much pizazz. Cucumber water is for you. Slice half a cucumber, add it to your pitcher along with ice and filtered water, and stir to combine. Bonus, you still have half a cucumber! Cut off two extra slices, lay back and cover your eyes, and just relax as you sip your cool drink. The cucumbers will help rid your eyes of any excess baggage.

So, get your water on! You'll be amazed by your smooth, hydrated skin!