The Top Hair Salon Terms Revealed

15 December 2022
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What are the top hair salon terms you need to know? Even though you're not a professional, you still need to learn some of the lingo. If you don't know balayage from bangs, take a look at the most common salon vocab that can help you to select the right services. Hair Color Terms Color is a top hair salon service. But there isn't just one type of dye that colorists use or that clients want. Read More 

5 Advantages Of Getting Your Hair Colored At A Salon

23 September 2022
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Whether you want to go lighter or darker, changing your hair color can be fun and exciting. You might be wondering if you should dye your hair at home or enlist the help of a professional hairdresser. While coloring your hair at home might save you money, investing in salon services might be worth it. Here are a few advantages of getting your hair colored at a hair salon. Choose a Hair Color That Will Look Good on You  Read More 

Hair Loss Prevention Tips To Consider

18 July 2022
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If you've started to lose your hair, this may affect you in a number of ways. Fortunately, a lot of advancements have been made with hair loss prevention. Here are several things you can do to stop hair loss from negatively affecting your life. Avoid Causing Damage to Hair The hair on your head now is important to keep, especially if you're prone to hair loss. You thus don't want to do anything that would cause damage to it because then, it will be easier to lose hair over time. Read More 

Transitioning to Male? Why Visit a Salon for a Men’s Haircut

16 May 2022
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If you've recently come out as a transgender man, and you want to make a complete transition into your new life, now's the time to change stylists. This is especially true where your hair is concerned. You don't want a style that's slightly different from what you originally had. You want a haircut that allows your pride to show through in everything you do. That's where haircuts for men come into the picture. Read More 

Acne? Why Ordering A Treatment “Kit” May Be A Good Option

28 March 2022
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If you suffer from acne, then you're probably no stranger to the fact that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of different creams, washes, and medications out there that are designed to help manage or treat acne. None of these treatments work for everyone. You may have to do a little experimenting to find the approach that works for you. However, there is one approach worth considering before others: ordering an acne treatment kit. Read More