Visit Your Local Barbershop To Get Your Head Shaved

19 September 2018
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Many men whose hair has thinned to the point of being embarrassing opt to shave their heads completely, and this can often be a look that works well. The majority of men with shaved heads do so themselves — often in the shower or before or after taking one each morning. If you're in this situation, an alternative option to consider is visiting a barbershop to have your head shaved. This won't be something that you do daily, but there's nothing wrong with treating yourself to this service perhaps once every week or two to save you the hassle. Here are some reasons to schedule these appointments.

Superior End Result

The more than you shave your own head, the more than you'll get the hang of it. This doesn't mean that you'll always do a good job, however, nor will the task always be easy. A slip of the wrist can leave you with a gash in your head that you won't be able to hide, and it's also possible that you'll miss an area that will be visible to others but that you won't notice. When a barber shaves your head for you, the end result will be far superior to what you'd accomplish yourself. Additionally, because the barber can often achieve a closer shave, you may be able to go a few days without having to shave your head again.

Some Much-Valued Pampering

If you really want to treat yourself when you visit the barbershop, you can get more than just your head shaved. High-end shops often have services that you can add to your haircuts, and a prime example is a scalp massage. Your barber will add a little oil to their fingertips and massage your scalp before shaving your head for you. A scalp massage is highly pleasurable, and can quickly become something to which you look forward.

Better Blending With Beard

Some men who shave their heads opt to grow a beard as a way to enjoy having some hair. The problem with doing so is dealing with where the tops of the beard must fade into nothing. (With an average haircut, this part of the beard simply blends with the hairline.) When you shave your head and trim your beard yourself, this transition can look awkward. While there are many ways to approach it, your barber can do a good job to give you the look that you want.

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