3 Tips For Preparing For Your New Tape-In Hair Extensions

14 September 2017
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After deciding you want to change your look, you may have decided to make an appointment to have tape-in hair extensions placed. If so, use the following tips for preparing for your appointment so that the placement of your new extensions will be successful.

Make Sure Your Natural Hair Is Long Enough

Before you make your appointment, the first thing you should do is make sure your hair is long enough to hold the extensions once they are in place. While your beauty professional can tell you the exact length they require, a good rule of thumb involves being able to pull your hair back and up into a small ponytail.

If your hair is too short, the tape will not have enough surface on which to latch. If you feel your hair may be too short, first stop by the hair salon to get a professional opinion. You can always make an appointment for a few weeks from that time if your hair needs to grow out a little bit more.

Provide a Sample of Your Hair Before the Appointment

About a week or so before your appointment, provide your hair care professional with a small sample of your hair. Doing this helps give them an idea of the color and texture of your hair. 

By providing them with a sample before your appointment, they can color match your hair so that the extensions blend in naturally, as well as find ones that are as thick or thin as your hair. If they need to special order the extensions, giving the salon a week gives them time have the hair extensions ready for your appointment.

Wash Your Hair with the Right Shampoo

Another way to prepare yourself for the placement of your hair extensions is making sure you wash your hair the morning of your appointment with the right shampoo. While you are making your appointment, ask if the shop recommends a specific type for fully cleaning your hair.

If the shop does not give a specific recommendation, you can ensure your hair is fully cleaned of any dirt and oil by using a clarifying shampoo. This type of shampoo not only thoroughly cleans your hair so the tape can adhere properly, but it also does not leave any residue that could interfere with the tape on your new hair extensions.

Using the above tips before your appointment can help ensure a successful extension placement so you can achieve the new look you want. If you have any further questions, ask the professional who will be attaching your tape-in hair extensions so they can give you additional tips unique to your hair and situation. For more information, contact companies like M&M Beauty Supply & Wigs.