Biotin Can Help Men Too

9 August 2017
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Biotin is often associated with female beauty and health regimens. Did you know that this supplement can be just as helpful for males? Here are just some of the benefits men can anticipate when incorporating this supplement into their regimen on a regular basis.

Slowed Hair Loss Progression

Hair loss and thinning hair is an issue that affects many men. For many in this group, issues with their hair can lower their confidence, affecting their entire life. Biotin may be able to help. Biotin is known to strengthen the hair and provide it with extra nutrients.

For someone dealing with thinning hair, this extra strength can make their hair thicken and for someone dealing with hair loss, the biotin may promote hair growth. It's important to note that if the follicle is damaged, biotin may not help. Medical treatment is typically required in this instance.  

Decreased Diabetic Risk

Men taking biotin may also improve their health, particularly if they suffer from type 2 diabetes or are pre-diabetic. Biotin helps decrease insulin resistance when taken regularly. Insulin resistance is a condition that causes your body to improperly respond to the insulin it creates, generally causing your blood sugar levels to elevate.

For someone who is pre-diabetic, this can make the risk of them developing the disease greater and if they have already been diagnosed with diabetes, it can make it harder to control the disease. When this supplement is paired with a healthy diet and regular exercise, this supplement can be especially helpful.

Enhanced Facial Hair Growth

Beards seem to be a common trend these days, but achieving a thick and full beard is not something every man can easily achieve. For some men, the problem is that their beard is thin, causing it to look sparse, which is not the most attractive or desired look for some.

For other men, their beard grows thick, but it does not connect, leaving spaces between their side burns, mustache and chin area. Biotin can help in this instance because it doesn't just help promote hair growth on your head, but also on other parts of your body, including your face. With regular consumption of this supplement, you may be able to achieve the beard you desire.

Biotin, suchas from Miraclemed, can improve your appearance and health, which is always welcomed. If you're looking for a way to enhance your overall life, biotin may be able to help you.